A downloadable game for Windows

A racing game inspired by so many top down racers.

Note: If you have any feedback, good or bad, please feel free to contact me.

A - Left, D - Right, W - Throttle, S - Brake or Arrow Keys

Release notes:

Alpha v0.02

  • 3 New Tracks Added
  • AI improvements
  • Race results including (Total Time, Fastest Lap, Race Points)
  • Championship Table
  • Water, Smoke Water

Alpha v0.01d

  • Added Linux support
  • Added Mac support

Alpha v0.01c

  • Added Windows 32bit support

Alpha v0.01b

  • Cars are now more stable while in air

Alpha v0.01 - Initial alpha release

  • Race against 4 AI opponents
  • 1 Track (More to come)

Coming soon:

  • Local multiplayer support up to 8 players
  • Online leaderboards
  • Time trial, Championship, Quick Race game modes
  • Upgrade system for cars
  • AI Improvements
  • More tracks and Vehicles
  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • Linux / Mac OS releases


Track Stars v0.2 Alpha 64bit.zip 42 MB
Track Stars v0.2 Alpha 32bit.zip 40 MB
Track Stars v0.2 Alpha Linux.zip 61 MB
Track Stars v0.2 Alpha Mac.zip 56 MB

Development log


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What can I say other than I love it but want more cars on track. Top down racing game with good physics. I think the camera is abit far away on some of the tracks though. But yes need more cars on track if a lap is going to take 40+ seconds. Im guessing your working on the menu as I didn't find it :)

Thank for playing the game and l'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll certainly add more cars, I've also been playing around with a few camera options the player can choose from so this might help with the camera distance issue. 

Update coming soon.

Once again thanks for the feedback it really means alot.

(1 edit) (+1)

Old school addictive, I can feel the car break traction in a slide and when it grips, I can sling it around the hairpin like the casual finnish driving god I wanted to be as a kid..  also I can spin other cars just like I can in GTA V! what's not to love!?! - just downloaded, unzipped and ran the app, simples.   NOW ADD 19 OTHER CARS SO I CAN LOSE TO MORE AI !!

Thanks for the kind review, glad you enjoyed it. More updates coming soon.

Trouble! Not XP compatible!!! D:

Thanks for the heads up, i'll see what i can do.

I've added a 32bit build, so hopefully this should be compatible with XP